Monday, November 14, 2011

Cardi fun in the Autumn leaves

This weekend was leaf clean-up for us.  I love the colors of the leaves with the colors of The Trio, so I took my camera outside to get some pics before all the leaves were gone.

To give you and idea of what a nice day it was, here are the portraits/still shots:

Rip taking a break from frapping

Maggie surveying the yard
I love how her brindle color matches the leaves

Ziggy looks cute in the leaves, too
Here he's trying to decide if he wants to pay attention to me,
or his brother causing trouble in the background

But a crisp autumn day isn't about standing still, so here are the action shots

Let's all frap!

Maggie likes to be the chaser not the chased
Here she's reprimanding Rip for biting her sides
I love Ziggy's "I'm staying out of this one" expression

Rip didn't get Maggie's point the first time
(nor the second, nor the third...)

When there's conflict, Ziggy hangs back, but still runs along
It allowed me to get some good pics of just him...

Where is this speed in agility?!?

When the other 2 got too tired to play, 
Rip grabbed a stick and got me to play with him


  1. LOL! Your comment about Ziggy's speed made me laugh! I always wondered the same thing about Wilson. Chasing a squirrel or a deer, or even his tennis ball, he can actually outrun Jimmy, but put him in the agility ring and not so much. Although I will admit, he speeded up in agility once he had Jimmy to be jealous of :-)

  2. Cute!!! The autumn leaves make for nice backgrounds!


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