Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Singapore Pictures

Now that I'm back home I found a few more pictures to share...

Marina Sands
In the marina there is an impressive hotel, casino, and shopping complex called the Marina Sands.  Sitting atop the hotel towers is "ship."  Very cool.

The ship has a restaurant, pool, bar, and observation deck
The shell-like structure on the left is a museum

For some perspective, look for the ship in the distance...
(It's HUGE)

We went up on the observation deck
Wow what a view!

It was a gorgeous night, with perfect breeze

 Some other interesting things:

Loved the fan-like palm trees

Good to know that Singapore isn't immune to the plague that is
"early Christmas fever"

The view from my hotel room - not too bad!
I enjoyed watching the world go by

The coolest pool ever
I don't like to swim and it made me want to dive in
Unforunately, it wasn't at my hotel

No matter where you go...  there can be no escape

An entire store dedicated to Hello Kitty!
In the same shopping complex was an entire store of espadrilles

And since this is a dog blog:

I came across an impromptu dog park 
in one of the few vacant lots around

Oh, and I found out that one of my colleagues is a member of the Corgi Club of Singapore!  I saw a lovely picture of a Cardi at her desk, and just had to ask.  Unfortunately he passed away 2 weeks ago. Hugs to her from me and The Trio.


  1. FABULOUS POST! Is this the coolest place you've been yet? It looks amazing!

  2. I had never thought of Singapore as a destination (for me) -- rethinking after seeing your photos. It must have been a great trip.

  3. Taryn & Penni -
    I did enjoy visiting Singapore. It's an "easy" place to visit - and the weather was great!


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