Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Site prep begins

After the house was gone, the excavation contractor wasted no time in getting started.  Two days after the fire, they demolished the remaining structure.

They also did me a favor (for a few bucks extra) - and took out my nemesis the juniper bushes.  You might remember from a previous post that I spent hours trying to hack my way through overgrown junipers in front of the house.  I finally gave up, and the bushes got the better of me.  Since the contractor had an excavator on site, he tore up the bushes (as well as a spinney of small locust trees), threw them into rubble of the house, and burned them along with the still-unburned decks.

The junipers.  Goodbye bushes.


They're gone!  Still a bit of brush and debris to clear, but no junipers!
Note the large rhododendron in the distance -- the junipers were trying to choke it out.
But now it's free!

This picture makes me feel good.  Burn, junipers, burn!

And then they demolished the foundation and the chimney.

And finally all of the debris was hauled away.

Next it was on to permitting so work can start in earnest.


  1. How exciting -- watching the old go away and the new come together. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Progress! However, I notice that you didn't require the use of any certain brand of excavator for the project!

    1. It's true - they used the wrong brand -- but the excavation company is a customer of one of our largest dealer groups.

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