Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ziggy the Cardigan Corgi IVDD: Week 16 - The Great Scootini

Ziggy has a new nickname at house - The Great Scootini - or Scootini - or Scoots.

No, Ziggy isn't walking yet.  We're well into week 16 after surgery, and he's still scooting himself around.  He's getting quite good at scooting, and can move surprisingly quickly.  Thus, the nickname...  (I apologize to Pat Conroy for co-opting his book title.  I love his books, and calling Ziggy the Great Scootini makes me smile.)

So what's been happening w/ Z since I posted a month ago?
  • He spent another week at ISU.  They were not as happy with his progress as they had been on previous visits.  Sigh.
  • He continues to get acupuncture nearly every week.  This really seems to help him, and we notice a good deal of progress after the sessions.
  • He has been getting a bit of chiro work, too.  NOT anywhere near the area that was injured - but on the pelvis and neck.  These are out of whack thanks to all of the scooting.
  • We continue with daily physical therapy (same exercises) and weekly swimming in the tub downstairs.
  • It has been slower going, but progress continues along.
  • He is now trying to push himself up on his hind legs - and even succeeds from time to time!  He doesn't have the strength or balance to stand, but at least he's trying!
  • He is able to take some steps with his hind legs in his weekly sessions w/ the rehab vet who does his acupuncture.  These are very careful steps - controlled in the front by me and supported gently behind by the vet.
We have ordered Ziggy a set of wheels.  Initially we were advised not to do this by the vets (surgical & rehab).  While at ISU, however, they put him in a cart from time to time to just cruise around the vet school.  This helps with his attitude by giving him some freedom.

On the last visit the noticed something interesting.  While he started to go fast in the cart, he started to drive with his hind legs - using them like he uses them in the treadmill.  Here's a video they took:

This led the ISU rehab woman to recommend we get a cart for Ziggy and use it 10-15 minutes a day as part of his rehab.  Ideally this will help him remember how to use his legs properly, and will help him build muscle.  She also suggests we take him on walks with the other dogs (Maggie only, I think to minimize the mayhem) to give him some "competition" and encourage him to walk.  

I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. With the cart, if you keep it low, he will tend to have to use it or drag. So watch the wear but if you can keep it so his feet are basically right about normal walking position, so he uses it more for balance and tries to walk. Hope that makes sense.

  2. The cart has to be good for his spirits. To be able to get up some speed....Maybe booties for when he's in the cart?

    Hope he continues improving!

  3. Thank you so much for continuing to chronicle this. I love reading about Ziggy's progress.

  4. Thanks for the update! I'm happy to read that Z is improving.


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