Monday, November 19, 2012

Wagmore Farm: Who needs a sofa when you have a dog bath?

We're in residence at Wagmore this week - enjoying the rain, visiting with family, and planning for house and property.  So nice to be here.

And it's a week of excitement, too -- the dog bath is now in the mud room!

I've been dreaming of this particular dog bath for a long time (and I'm not really joking about that).  I just kept tabbing over the page in the PetEdge catalog, waiting for the right time to buy it.  I even made sure that the mudroom was long enough to accommodate the bath, a dryer, and a grooming table.

Finally, a few weeks ago, the timing was right.  I had a % off discount code, AND PetEdge was offering a promo.  So I just did it.  I ordered the bath.  And here it is, in the mudroom!

Hello, my pretty.  How nice you look in my home.

I'm not sure this is the "final" location within the room.  I have some flexibility because it will drain into a floor drain using a hose from the bottom of the bath, and the wall faucet hose can be can be lengthened or shortened depending on the best location for the bath.  I need to play around a bit to find where it fits best.

Oh, and the promotion for buying the bath?  A free, matching dog dryer with stand!  So exciting!  And yes, I do already have a dog dryer.  Coincidently it even matches.  But it doesn't have a stand. And who can't use an extra dog dryer anyway?

Maybe I can work both dryers simultaneously and
get the dogs dry in half the time?

Oh, and in case you're wondering about my priorities, here is the current state of the living room & dining room:

Dining room table = folding chair and plastic table.
Living room furniture = 3 hand-me-down chairs that my mother was planning to throw out

(But The Small Human loves all the open space in the room for "Minute to Win It" games using ping pong balls and foam dominoes.  So that's a benefit?)

Yes, to most rational humans the money would be better spent on decorating the human part of the house.  After all there are no dogs living here, and humans live here at least some of the time.  But the dog bath is just so nice...

 Here's a photo from the driveway looking towards the wooded pasture.  
Pretty even when it's grey outside.


  1. LOL! Don't feel too bad....When we moved to our single family home from the one bedroom condo, we were lacking LOTS of furniture. We moved in in January and by February had a brand-new pool table down in the basement. The living room didn't see furniture for another two years :-)

    PS I would LOVE a mud room like yours, with dogbath, of course!

    1. Thanks, Taryn - it's good to know I'm not alone in my "creative" prioritization of things.

  2. Your priorities are absolutely straight, Lani. The child is delighted with the furnishings and you are ready for the dogs whenever they are there.

    1. Agreed! It makes me actually want to groom a dog, too :)

  3. You have to have clean dogs if you have new furniture.

  4. You have to have clean dogs if you have new furniture.

  5. Replies
    1. You're welcome to the guest room any time you're in town! Dog wash access included ;)

  6. hey-your hardwood floors look great!

    1. Thanks, Claire - and the best part is that the floors are dog-and-kid-friendly laminate!


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