Saturday, December 7, 2013

Leave No Poop Behind and Pay-It-Forward

WARNING:  This blog post is all about dog poop.  If that makes you squeemish, please click HERE.

If it doesn't make you squeamish, please continue:

I am now on my 13th year of living-in-a-city dog ownership, and I have developed a point of view on how to handle dog poop when on walks.  I had the strange epiphany that I have a POV on dog poop when on a recent walk at night with Rip.  He made me violate one of my rules, so I had to enact the other.

Let me explain:

RULE 1:  Leave No Poop Behind

I do everything I can to pick up EVERY turd that my dogs leave outside of my yard.

I know how hard it is for dogs to earn privileges to go places, and I know how upset people get when errant dog poops are found in parks, school grounds, their yards, etc.  I count myself as one of those people who gets upset at errant dog poop, so I do everything I can to pick up each and every turd my dogs leave behind.

Sometimes I even go to extreme measures to make this happen (think feeling around in the dark on the ground for something warm, and using random bits of trash as pick-up "bags" if I happen to have run out of bags in my pocket).

And I also have a favorite brand & style of dog poo bag.  It's the perfect size for the Cardigan Welsh Corigs, and has nice handles for tying and carrying.  Sure, having a favorite poo bag may be crossing the line, but there you go.

(I get them from PetEdge, by the way)

(this is an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper)

On our last night walk, Rip decided to roam while he pooped (so much energy.  can't stay in one place even to poop).  Since it's autumn, and it was night, and we were on a part of the street away from a streetlight, I'm afraid I may have missed a couple of turds.

Which brings me to my next rule...

RULE 2:  Pay It Forward

If I'm out on a walk, have an extra bag, and see another dog's poop that their owner hasn't picked up, I'll do it.  I pick it up and throw it away on behalf of the dog community.  This helps keep my neighborhood clean, helps keep my neighbors happy, and I think allows me a little bit of a "credit" to cover for the turds I may miss now and again.

Last weekend, for example, I picked up 3 dog poops from our local playing fields while The Small Human was playing on the playground.  I had some extra bags in my pocket - so why not?  (Oh, and special shame to those people who don't pick up poop on school ground.  GRRR)

I think of it as paying it forward - dog poo version.

So remember, if you're a dog owner who takes their dogs places, or walks them around a neighborhood or any other "public" place - Leave No Poop Behind and Pay It Forward when you can.

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