Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ziggy the Cardigan Corgi - IVDD 2 years

I realize that I haven't posted a Ziggy update for a while.

On December 2nd, it was 2 years since Ziggy's disc rupture and surgery.  I wish I could say that Ziggy is walking.  Unfortunately I can't.  Ziggy seems to have defied the odds, but in the wrong way.  Given his condition at the time of surgery, there was a ~90% chance that Ziggy would walk again.  Ziggy is in the 10%.

As you know, we did much rehab with Ziggy - at home, at a local rehab vet, at ISU.  He also had acupuncture and a bit of chiro to help with mis-alignment due to the scooting he does when out of his cart.  (The chiro was done months after healing from the surgery, and not in the surgical site.)

The best thing we've done for Ziggy in this time?  We got him a custom cart from Eddie's wheels.  I think I'll do another post about this, but trust me when I said the cart has been life-changing for all of us.

Currently Ziggy is out of his cart when he's inside.  He scoots around pulling himself with his front end.

Here's a video I took of Ziggy and Rip frapping about a year and a half ago.  You can see him do a bit of scooting as he repositions himself…

When he's outside, he goes out in his new cart.  Here are a couple videos from this summer that show how well he can move in his cart.  You can also see his hind end movement and the ramp that we built to help him up on the deck!

P.S. - there's even a Maggie cameo in this one.  I miss my old girl :(

We have pretty much given up rehab with Ziggy.  At this point I think this is where he's going to be.  Sometimes I watch him move in his cart, though, and I wonder.  He really does seem to know how to place his hind legs.  For now, though, we're letting Ziggy be Ziggy and enjoy his carting and scooting life.


  1. I see a dog that seems pretty happy with where he is in life. He plays with his brother, he gets around the yard....It might be harder on you than it is on him.

    1. Taryn - Thanks for the note. I agree - Ziggy is pretty happy, and loves to hang out in the yard in his cart, chasing squirrels when he can!

  2. The best thing is that dogs live in the "here and now." Ziggy is happy with his life and that is all that matters. While Cenny (Denzil's brother) made improvements long after his rehab finished, he was never normal (and did eventually go down again.) I don't think even if you continue he'll ever have the muscle to really recover at this point.

    1. Mandy - Thanks for the note. Z is a happy boy. We're really glad he is lazy by nature, so his exercise requirements aren't impacted by the cart!


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