Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wagmore Farm: The Bloody Great Forest Begins to Take Shape

My last few blog posts I've talked about the need to create a Bloody Great Forest on one edge of our property.  I made the plan, I found trees, and now….  The Great Forest is taking shape.

A couple weeks ago The Husband spent a long (rainy) weekend at Wagmore, working with a crew to put 146(!) trees along the fence line.

Here's the story in pictures:

The First step was to clear part of the fence line. 
Apparently, the crew cleared this out really quickly. 
Which makes all the time I've spent clearing brush on the property seem like a silly pastime.

As an added bonus, I can do some burning next time I'm at Wagmore!
If anyone wants to come over for S'mores, I'll give you a call…

The first shipment of trees arrived.
These are the Excelsa cedars for the fence line screen.

Once the line was cleared, the hole digging began.  
The Husband and his post hole digger couldn't keep up with the trained crew.
It was a rainy day, so digging was a little sloppy, but the trees were well watered in.

Then the crew got to work putting the trees in.
The crew was vital to getting this done, we could NOT have done it on our own in a reasonable time frame.

The Husband used the tractor to move trees into place.

Here's a shot of the line of Excelsas all in place.  

But our Great Forest is not just Excelsas.
We've added other layers of trees to select areas, in anticipation of blocking site-lines.
The trees in front are Green Giants - another fast-growing evergreen. 

In other areas, we added even more depth.  
Here we have Incense Cedars, too.

Here's an "in The Great Forest" view.  
I'm so happy we were able to get such large trees for such a good price.
And I can't wait for them to grow!

We even added more trees to the screen we planted earlier.
This will help to build a more dense forest with a nice diversity of evergreen trees.

This one's a Deodar Cedar.  
It grows to be a tree with a lovely shape and a lot of appeal, 
so we planted them on the side of The Great Forest nearest the house.

And my favorite picture.
I think Mother Nature approves of the beginning of The Great Forest, too.

I'm so thankful that The Husband was able to get all this work done.  Thanks, too, to My Dad and My Brother for helping out during the weekend.  I feel a sense of relief and purpose that we're doing SOMETHING in advance of the potential Monstrosity next door.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of trees! Your Excelsa look a lot like what we have that are called Leyland Cypress. Super fast growers that form a wall in no time. My fence line is tiny so we only needed 4 to hide the very close neighbor's yard :-) Your probably still have a couple of years before anything gets built, so at least the new trees can get established, and you'll know where the holes are to fill in with more trees. You guys did a great job! That must have cost an arm and a leg however!

    1. Taryn - You're right - Excelsas are pretty similar to Leyland Cypress. Exclesas grow a stronger/deeper root system, though, and since we get a lot of wind across this area, we thought Exclesa was the way to go. And yes, this was not cheap. We got great deals on trees and labor, since it's in the off season, but we have had to put other projects on hold for a while thanks to this expense. Grrr to the Monstrosity. But at least we have a nice forest!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Merinda. I'm impressed by how it looks, too, and I'm looking forward to what it looks like when it fills in!

  3. That is a great project -- in purpose, outcome, and scope!

    1. Thanks, Penni! We're headed out next month, and I can't wait to see the trees!


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