Monday, February 3, 2014

Cat Update - Meet Blossom

Occasionally the felines, known to the dogs as The C*ts, make an appearance on the blog.  I don't post specifically about them very often, but as furry residents, I feel they need a little time now and again.

I want to take this time to introduce our newest feline, Blossom.

Blossom joined our home over Labor Day weekend, 2013.  Her arrival wasn't planned, but it also wasn't unexpected.  You see, The Small Human is a cat person.  The dogs are finally growing on him a bit, but he strongly prefers the cats.  And the cats know it, snuggling with him and generally sucking up.

The cats started their indoctrination of The Small Human very early.
Earlier than this even, they snuggled with him, allowed him to carry them around, etc.

We've had 2 cats since before The Small Human was born.  One of these cats was Duncan, whom I'd had since 1995 - when he was a year old.  Duncan was a lovely, snuggly cat - deaf since birth, and very laid back.  Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Duncan in August.  He was 19 years old, and had been geriatric for a long time.  We were sad when we lost Duncan.

Our dignified Old Man Cat, Duncan.  We miss you.

The Small Human was sad too, but he very soon started talking about getting another cat.

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend, when I (foolishly) decided to take The Small Human with me to drop off some towels, leashes, food, etc. at the local animal shelter.  Of course he asked to visit the cats, and promptly fell in love in with nearly all of them.

After (not) much discussion on the way home, and a brief call to The Husband who was out of town, we decided to go back the next day and select a cat.

We were lucky enough to meet a volunteer at the shelter who came over after work every day and snuggled with the cats.  He was a true cat lover and shared with us which cats were the most snuggly.  Our #1 criterion for a new cat was snugg-ability, so we were VERY happy to have met him.

And this is how we ended up with Blossom.  She and The Small Human hit it off right away.

She looks so sweet.  How could we resist?

And she wasted no time sucking up to The Small Human. 
I think she knows exactly what she's doing here - wrapping him around her little paw.

Unfortunately she didn't hit it off with the dogs right away.  We let her out when the dogs were in their crates, and after she saw them she REFUSED to enter the part of the house where the dog crates are located.  I thought we were in for a very long road.

Within around two weeks, though, Blossom decided she LOVED the dogs, and interacts with them more than any other cat I've known.  This is both good and bad, as you'll see in future posts.

Rip is worried.  Why does this c*t not run away?

And why does it take over our beds?

Ziggy soon called her bluff and decided to just start sleeping with Blossom.  

She soon won Rip over, too.  Amazing.

Oh, and I've created a page on the blog dedicated to The C*ts - which they demanded as part of their 2014 contract renewal.  I'll update it periodically as per said contract.

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