Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Westminster Best In Show Day!

Since we missed the Christmas cookie baking season entirely, The Small Human and I decided to make Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show cookies instead.

When I colored all the frosting purple, The Small Human asked me why.  I told him it's because that's the Westminster Kennel Club color.  To which he replied, "Then don't we need yellow, too?  Their colors are purple and yellow."

Maybe I am raising him right :)

I'll work on my purple for next year (I think I need a dash more red to really hit the color), and add some yellow cookies too, of course.

So today my co-workers, our veterinary clinic's staff, and The Husband's co-workers will all enjoy some purple Cardigan sugar cookies in honor of Westminster Best In Show Day.

The Small Human and I are extra-excited now that a Cardi won the herding group.  Ok, maybe it's just me that's extra-excited.  I can't wait to watch Best In Show.  And that's not just the sugar talking.

Go Coco!


  1. While part of me would love to see Coco (any Cardigan really) win BIS at Westminster, another part fears for the media attention it brings.

  2. Taryn - I know what you mean about the media attention. I'd be interested to know, though, if anyone has done an analysis of Westminster BIS winners and impact on breed registrations. Does it really impact breed registrations, or is it just a blip of interest? But maybe that thought just indicates that I like spreadsheets a little too much...

    It would also make me want to post the videos of the bark-a-thon that is most nights in our house so that people can get the full view of Cardi ownership :)


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