Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ziggy the Cardigan Corgi IVDD: Cart Dog in the Snow

Since it seems that Snowmageddon is taking over much of the country, I thought I'd share what happens to a cart dog in the snow.

The cart wheels will most assuredly get snowy.

When standing outside and gazing around the yard,
the cart dog gets snowy.

When the snow isn't too deep, the cart dog can run around the whole yard,
making tracks in the snow. 
In this case, running to the tree that contains the vexatious squirrel.

When the snow gets deeper, the cart dog can follow the 
paths the humans have carved through the snow.

If the cart dog deviates from this path,
 and tries to follow the path made by the other dog, 
the going can get a bit slow.

Especially when the other dog's path gets really narrow.

Rendering a cart dog unable to move.

So then the cart dog must bark for the humans.

And give them this look when they come to rescue him.
To me this says, "It's about time!"

And in case you'd like a little live action feature (taken today!), click below:


  1. Just read an article in the LaCrosse Tribune about a dog with wheels that had skis added so that he can get around in the snow. The dog is in Milton, WI. I thought of Ziggy when I read it.


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