Sunday, October 4, 2009

New additions to our Wii family

We love the Wii fit.  It holds us accountable for our weight and BMI, while providing fun exercises to improve balance and strength.  So when the new Wii Fit Plus came out today we had to have it!

One of the fun things about the Plus is that you can now have Mii's for your pets!  The human child and I created Mii's for all the corgis (their coloring, ears, tail, and fur can all be adjusted) and logged their weights.  Ziggy weighs the most (no surprise - he's the biggest), Maggie's in the middle, and Denzil weighs the least.

Here's a screen shot of our Mii family:

Now I can chart the pack's weights.  Too bad they don't have fitness exercises for corgis.  Maybe in the next version.

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