Saturday, October 17, 2009


We did it!  We Qualified!  And took second place, too!  What a good corgi!

Things to notice in the photo:

  • The non-plussed look on Maggie's face.  This was her attitude today - yah, ok, another dog show.  Our heeling wasn't great because of this attitude but she was steady and good on all the exercises and didn't move a paw on her stays!
  • The Ecstatic look on handlers face - I was dreading the show today.  I really just wanted to stay home. And to be honest, if I hadn't posted on my blog that I was going I would have stayed home today (drat that feeling of accountability).  Once I got to the show I was SO nervous - I think the most nervous I've ever been before a class.  And we were the first ones in the ring, which made it a bit worse.  
  • The "just get it over with" look on the judge's face.  Little did he know that when he agreed to one photo it would turn into a photo-shoot (we wanted to stand in front of a jump, then non-plussed Maggie wasn't interested in putting her ears up for the photo, etc.)
So Maggie's new official name will be:
C-Myste Sweet Dreams CDX RAE MXP AJP

YIPPEE!!  oh, did I already say that....  :)

And a side note for Janet - this show didn't have title ribbons.  Maybe we should have traveled to Tennessee....


  1. YIPEE!!!

    Hugs to Maggie from grandma. And to you, too.

  2. Such a good job! You get an "A+" for patience and Maggie gets an extra treat. My club gives out new title ribbons as well -- they are very kewl and you deserve one for this effort.

  3. Congrats! I think Maggie thinks someone to the side said "steak", but in a whisper so she isn't sure, but distracted. The judge also thinks someone whispered "steak", but he thinks it was the photographer. The handler thinks someone said "break", as in "you get to go home and take a break!" Great job, girls!

  4. Yaaaayyyyyyy!!!

    Maybe Miss Magpie can come to CHA for her UD!!

  5. Great job! Arent you glad that you had that little bit of accountability after all? Congratulations!

  6. Congrats!!! What a wonderful accomplishment!!


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