Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why not just wing it?

Maggie & I have another obedience trial this weekend.  Another chance to Q in Open A and finally add CDX to our name.   Life has gotten in the way of my training lately, and I'm ashamed to say that Maggie & I have only had about 6 short training sessions since our last trial.

My preparation philosophy before the last trial was "have fun and don't school the exercises."  I guess you can call my prep strategy for this trial "just wing it."  My obedience instructor asked me if Maggie & I were entered in the trial.  I said yes, and told her about my wing it strategy.  She said it just might work.  Sometimes dogs come back more "on" after some off time.   Perhaps she was just trying to make me feel better.  But heck, the trial is only 10 miles from home, so I won't be out large amounts of cash for hotel & gas if my new "strategy" doesn't go well.

I'll let you know.....!

Oh - and for those of you who may not know the "dog terms" I used:
Q = Qualifying score.  In obedience this means getting 170 of a possible 200 points, and passing every exercise.  It takes 3 Q's to earn the title Maggie and I are working for, and we're at 2.
Open A = The obedience class we're competing in.  This is the "middle level" of obedience.
CDX = Companion Dog Excellent - the title we'll earn if we can just pull in that last Q!  These letters would be added after Maggie's name, in place of the CD she's got there now.


  1. One more definition you could add:

    Open A = Purgatory

    Our club is having our trial this weekend. Spence is just entered in Rally for fun. Wish you could have made the long drive here for our trial because we have fabulously huge New Title Rosettes!!!

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck. I will think good thoughts for you and Magggie. Grace and I are winging it in the RA ring on Sunday. I seem to live by that same philosophy!


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