Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday weeks are tough

We had a very Merry Christmas here in Iowa.  It snowed Christmas night, Boxing Day, and this morning.  Lovely, powdery, perfect-for-skiing snow.  Frapping in the snow and holiday festivities have taken their toll, and we're all a bit worn out.

These 2 photos do a good job of painting the picture.....

This is a photo of Maggie on Christmas Day.  Wrapping paper was all around her (including falling on her) and she didn't even flinch.  Maggie says, "There was nothing to bark at or eat, so why would I move?"

This is Ziggy on Boxing Day after a long off-leash walk in the snow.  Z says, "Ahhh, nothing like my favorite chair after lots of hard work."

You might note that I have no "wiped-out" photos of Denzil.  I don't think any photos of this type exist.  This tells you something about his personality.....

Also, I wanted to let the other Cardi bloggers know that I'm glad my pack can't use the computer.  Your dogs made out WAY better than mine did!  ;)


  1. I know - we've never done doggie christmas - I have to keep them away from all the other cardis so that I don't get in trouble.

  2. I love the picture of Denzil at the top.

    And as for the dogs living here, every day is like Christmas. I have to say that Huxley enjoyed the work party on Wednesday the best.

  3. My dogs are conditioned to think their brewers yeast/garlic tablets are cookies -- so something good is always in the works. Our snow was gone, but we have mud -- glorious mud!

  4. The stuff my Cardis get at Christmas is the same stuff they get through out the year for training treats, raw meals, and just plain chewing enjoyment, but wrapped up in holiday paper. For some reason that is just so very exciting for them! They love rooting around under the tree and ripping paper off the gifts.


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