Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maggie finds a new sport

Now that she's retired from agility, Maggie has found a new sport to play.  Move over Beckham, here comes Maggie!

Here's how soccer with Maggie works:

Step 1:  Identify the person who got the ball rolling, and charm him with all of your might (the stare & swishy tail combination works every time!)

Step 2:  Chase after the thrown ball

Step 3:  Grab the ball and run as fast as you can - The Child will chase you, and this adds to the fun!

Make sure you don't run so fast and far that The Child gets discouraged and doesn't want to play any more, because what comes next?

Step 4:  Have the ball thrown again, but this time recruit another player to the game

Another player can help build your prowess....

and another player adds to the fun - especially when the other player knows who has rights to pick up the ball....

The game is on!

No more "Bend it like Beckham" - perhaps "Move it like Maggie"  (or "Maul it like Maggie" - the foam ball didn't look so happy at the end of the game)....


  1. Clever lady, isn't she. It doesn't look like Denzil required much coaxing to join in either.

  2. Denzil never needs encouragement to join. If there's action, he's in on it. Wanna run? Denzil's in!

  3. Max loves the soccer ball. He has 3 in differing states of deconstruction and he loves them all equally. I can't say the same. The oldest one is now like a filthy old rag and I hate to throw it, but he likes it. And the vet says he has the cleanest teeth he has ever seen, which I attribute to the rag-ball.


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