Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thank you, Cardi Claus!

And what to our wondering eyes should appear?  

A package with a cute brindle dog on the return address! Cardi Claus arrived!

Cardi Claus sent us many fun things including dog stickers, a Cardi notepad and a kaleidoscope (which all of we humans love!!).

AND of course, a very cute ornament - a Cardi no less!

Denzil wants me to buy some white paint to make it a half mask, but he's still happy that it mostly looks like him.

Oh, and one of the Iowa Cardi Claus elves sent off a package to a warmer climate today - to a place where corgis who aren't careful can get cactus stickers in their paws....


  1. How fun! Can't wait to see who has my name and see what comes in the mail for me.

  2. Welcome to the sisterhood of the kaleidoscope, Lani. Enjoy the Cardi Claus goodies. Wasn't this a fun exchange?

  3. What a cute ornament! Janet had a GREAT idea with Cardi Claus.


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