Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cardis + Compost


The Husband had to re-build our compost bins this year.  After 6 years, they were starting to fall apart.

The first part of the task involved removing all of the compost from the bins.  Our compost was in 2 phases:  ready to be used, and still decomposing.  The corgis were very interested in the latter pile of compost.  Maggie and Ziggy (aka Maggie's "mini-me") loved it especially.

First they loved to roll in it.  This made for 2 very stinky dogs with brown paws and bellies.  Since the dogs sleep near my side of the bed, this made for a few stinky nights.

The rolling lasted for a couple of days.  Then they found something even more fun to do:  EAT IT!  Yum....  What Cardi wouldn't want to eat partially decomposed produce and plant matter?  I can't answer that question, as Denzil joined in this habit, too.

I stood some garden fencing around the pile, but they just shoved it over.

The good news is that nobody was the worse for the wear, and their stools were super-firm and easy to pick up.

The Husband finally decided not to wait for the weather to get better (it's been wretchedly wet here) and finished the bins on a day when it was merely pouring down rain (vs pouring down rain with wind, thunder & lightening).

Here they are:

The Cardis don't get to sniff, roll & snack anymore, but the humans are very happy!


  1. Perfume and pheasant under glass -- after all, perception is reality.

  2. Max and Bandit like to eat the stuff we clean out of the gutters after a long winter. It smells pretty bad...which means we can't keep them out of it.

  3. I do believe a Cardi will eat just about anything! And the grosser, the better!


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