Thursday, June 3, 2010

England May 2010 - The last part of our trip

Here are some images from the rest of the time we spent in England.

First, two more of our canine hosts:

First - my dog niece - Bree the Springer Spaniel
Here she's looking out the window of her London home

Next - my dog nephew, Jasper
Hanging out in his yard on the South coast of England

And finally, the three-legged Collie (they just call them Collies in the England), 
Holly - who lives at the house next door to my mother in law.
In true Border Collie spirit, she still LOVES to play ball 
- even though she lost her leg last year

Now for our activities:

In London we went to see Sister Act at a West End theatre (the Palladium)
Good show!

We stopped by Stonehenge!  Very cool.
Would've been cooler w/out an impatient preschooler....

We went for walks in the Dorset countryside.
Check out those hedgerows!

A view of the surrounding countryside.
It's prettier than the picture can show...

Saw lots of wildflowers

A sunny day at the beach!!
This is as rare in England as it is in Oregon

Now a couple of random photos:

Here's a good example of a consistent, yet geographically tailored, trademark - and it's dog related.

In the US, of course, the Pedigree ribbon is blue.
But first place ribbons are red in the UK...

This one's for my brother:

I sooo would have kneeled down next to the arrow part of this sign...
if my mother-in-law hadn't been in the car with me.
How do you explain to a proper English mother-in-law 
that you want to stop the car and find a place to park 
because - even though you're long past the age when this should be funny -
 that you still think it would be really funny to have your picture taken with this sign?
Clearly I didn't want to go there, so I'll have to make due with just the sign.

That's it for this trip.  I promise to take this blog back to the dogs now.


  1. Great photos! and cute niece/nephew dogs.

  2. I love the travel side of your blog! Thanks for sharing all of your trips!

  3. Very nice! Especially loved the Brit-appropriate Pedigree logo.


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