Monday, June 7, 2010

Great snowflake art

Can you spot the Cardi?
What other breeds can you see?

A very talented friend of mine made this snowflake for our kennel club progressive gift exchange.  I loved it, and it has a Cardi in it, so The Husband and I worked together so that we could bring it home.

The friend who made this, Keith, is a fellow member of our kennel club.  He and his daughter train their shelties for agility.

Keith started making these snowflakes years ago, and it's really a talent.  He can make them to order -- we had one made for The Husband's parents 50th anniversary with many of the things they love.

Well, Keith's talent recently came to the attention of Martha Stewart, and he appeared on her show a couple of weeks ago.  The segment can be viewed on her website.

Keith now has a website up and running -, if you're interested in learning more.


  1. This is unbelievably gorgeous. What amazing talent - I am just blown away by it! Thanks for sharing!


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