Thursday, November 18, 2010

Better than TV

We have to be ready when he drops a piece of cereal...

Ziggy and Maggie take their job as floor cleaners very seriously.  They know that The Child is prone to dropping cereal while he watches TV, so they hover like vultures to retrieve anything that hits the floor.  

Ziggy is using the ottoman to get a better angle.  

Maggie is taking the "closer to the ground equals closer to the food when it hits the ground" approach.  

Rip is in his crate otherwise he would be on the arm rest of the sofa with his head in the bowl (the cut to the chase approach, if you will).

Now if I could just figure out a way to get this much attentiveness in the ring.  Maybe if I could bring a bowl of cereal with me...


  1. I can SO identify with this post! Wilson and Jimmy's focus on our snacks is intense.....not to mention the gross little lake of drool that forms under each mouth.

    It's no wonder food is banned from competition, otherwise most dogs would be superstars!

  2. Must be in the corgi blood. Mine do the same thing.

  3. Hey! If Rip really likes cereal, use it as bait in the conformation ring. There's nothing that says you have to use cheese or a meat product. A good friend often mentions that time she used gummi bears as bait for a dog.


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