Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rip's first conformation class

I finally got myself in gear tonight and made it down to my kennel club for conformation class with Rip.  

It was a night of firsts:
Our first time ever doing conformation.  
Rip's first time on the table (with me, anyway).  
Rip's first time in his show collar.  
My first time even trying to do this conformation thing "for real."
(I don't count my other try at conformation as "real")  

Thankfully, nobody else showed up for class tonight, so we got some great one-on-one attention with the instructor.  She was very helpful.  I told her it was my first time at this, and I basically know nothing, so bring it on!  I think she felt a little bad at first, since she had to tell me how to do everything.  And when I say everything I mean that she had to show me how to hold the excess lead, where the collar should be placed when moving, the best way to place the legs on the table, the types of patterns I'm likely to see in the ring....  Well, you get the picture.  

I also talked her into getting some pictures of Rip.  Even though he was a little squirmy on the table (Rip says, "Just how long DO you want me to keep my feet in one place, mom?!") I wanted to get some pics for  his other mother(s).  So here you go.  None of them is a perfect shot, but hopefully you get the idea...

(this one's my favorite)

P.S.:  I've got one ear back in tape.  It stays up about 90% of the time, but it gets a little "lazy" sometimes and folds back, so I've put it back in the tape for another week or so to see if that helps.  At least there's no crown required...

PPS:  Oh, I almost forgot, our instructor said Rip was a STAR for his first time out!

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  1. Oh my he's a very nice boy. You will have great fun once you figure out what to grab with which hand and how often.


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