Monday, November 15, 2010

Rip supports recycling

Today is recycling day for us.  Yesterday The Husband took the container of plastics out of the cupboard, and set it on the floor in the kitchen before taking it out to the curb.

I heard some strange noises.  Then I saw this:

Maybe if I trot quickly into the other room she won't see me...

Oh no!  She saw me!  
Maybe if I look cute she won't take it away.

Milk cartons make great chew toys!

(Mr. Naughtypants strikes again!)


  1. Cute! That must have been one quick snag of the camera to catch him in action!

  2. Milk cartons and any plastic bottles are a big favorite in our house. I discovered the other weekend that Rufus has discovered how to twist the caps off instead of chewing them to oblivion...just one more thing to worry about him swallowing. Rip is the cutest Mr. Naughtypants!

  3. Taryn -
    I happened to be sitting by the camera. Rip stopped under the table to chew on his toy, so I turned it on. He saw me looking at him, and decided to make tracks for another room...

  4. Ah. The cardigan "I've got a thing!" walk.


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