Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rip and the henna beard

Question of the day:  
What does Rip have in common with older men in Pakistan?

A henna colored beard!

Look just below the brindle markings on his face.
Now compare the color with the white of the baby gate.
See it now?

Yes, my lovely puppy has some not-so-lovely staining on his white fur.  

How could this have happened?  

Has he ordered some henna dye online? 

 Has he been traveling to Pakistan when we're not paying attention? 

There has to be an explanation!

Nevermind.  I think I just figured it out.  

Yep.  It's a saliva stain.
This is Ziggy and Rip's favorite game.
The bite and hold.

The Husband keeps reminding me that Rip's conformation show debut is in 2 weeks.  He keeps saying something like, "That stain isn't going away on it's own.  You need to get it on it now."

I know he's right.  I have Chris Christensen's "whiter than white" in the the cupboard.  I just can't seem to get motivated to use it.  Maybe later today.... Or tomorrow....


  1. Wait till you get back to red dirt!

    Just when you soak in the white-on-white, let it sit for about 7-10 minutes (fun for all).

  2. Vanity, oh, vanity!. Poor Rip. What he doesn't have to endure just to look good! But....he must look handsome for the show.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Mandy. Yes, keeping Rip in tub for 7-10 minutes DOES sound like fun. It's no wonder I keep procrastinating....

  4. When I bathe Georgia I get her soaking wet then start w/the whitening shampoo. While that is working I use the non-whitening shampoo on the rest of her. By the time I'm done scrubbing, everything is ready to be rinsed. Then 7-10 minutes doesn't seem quite so long.

  5. He's still a handsome little devil! Hey Rip, can you lay off being chewed on for a week or two? Please, for your mom's sake?

  6. Having the hairy Eddie dog who is the constant target of girls' slimy mouths, we use Crystal White Enzyme shampoo. I tried White-on-White and White Lightening, neither really took out the pink. The CW has to go on as hot as possible and leave on for up to 5 mins. You can also "wrap" it to keep the heat in-I don't do that part. But I end up with a white Eddie--good luck and see you in two weeks!

  7. Also try some of the horse whitening shampoos they sell at feed stores. I personally love Color Quic (safe for all colors and does whites as well) and I use Quic Silver on blue dogs as it brings out their silvery highlights, reduces red undertones and whitens like crazy. Made for gray horses. I think Exhibitor's is the brand name. Good luck with the Ripster. And don't forget to have fun!


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