Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rip's week in review

This has been a good week to be Rip.

See how charming I am?  
Come a little closer, I'll give you lick...

On Thursday, he attended conformation class and charmed the instructor/judge.  Who can resist the lovely waggy-ness?

We do have some things to work on though - mainly on the table.  Mainly about holding still on the table when the lovely, lickable judge is approaching.

Also, he's been a little wierd about having his stifles messed with.  He collapses in the rear like he's going to lay down like a frog.  The instructor dryly commented "that's not really good..."  Since class night, I've had him up on the table, petting and moving his hind legs -- giving clicks and treats if he stands like a normal dog, and "uh-oh" if he starts to collapse.  He's getting a little better.  My goal is to have this fixed by our next class.

Don't worry so much about stacking my hind end, mom.
Look how cute my face is!

On Saturday we went to a local show-n-go for obedience.  Ziggy was awesome in Beginning Novice.  Rip was only a spectator, but behaved like the Tasmanian Devil.  I really should have walked him before going.  It took me a good 15 minutes to settle him down so that he wasn't accosting other dogs and humans.  He had a great time, though, and was worn out when we got home.

Don't listen to mom, I'm calm...
See how I'm just standing here?

Oops, I forgot about this photo.

Oh, and this one, too...

Can I blame this one on Ziggy?
See he's biting me...

Shoot, how can I explain away fighting with the old dog?
Nevermind, I admit, I'm WILD!


  1. He's so very cute! He'll be standing like a trooper in no time. He just needs to understand what you want (and it is not a sit).

  2. His dad would do a crouching thing too, especially when grooming.

    Looking very pretty now, got dad's face and mom's substance. Can't wait to see him in a few weeks!

  3. He is so BIG now! What a cutie. And as we say in our house, a Wild Woof!

  4. OK, Dewi says he also likes Rip very much.

  5. I just love him! He is beautiful!

  6. Wild, maybe. But also handsome. :)

  7. Iggy Pop sends wild woofs...I know all too well about that. LOL Lucky they're cute huh? ;o)

  8. Rip says thank you for the compliments, and hopes to jump up on and lick each of you very soon...


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