Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ziggy product review: blue chair

Ziggy asked me to post another product review:

Hello, I'm happy that my mom agreed to post my comments again.  Around a year ago, I reviewed the Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair.  You might recall how much I loved that chair.  I recommended it for all Cardigans.  Here's a picture to remind you:

See how blissful I look?
Cardis just don't get any more content.

Unfortunately my mom didn't care about my love of the chair.  She said the chair was getting "manky," and that it was a bit of an "embarassment" to have around.  I don't know what those words mean.  I just know she took the chair away.

This meant I needed to find a new place to sleep.

Thankfully I am "responsible" enough now that I can have run of the house.  And guess what I discovered?  ANOTHER blue chair!

And this one's even bigger!
See how nicely I fit?

Another advantage of this chair is that it's got a better view.  I can look out the front window and keep an eye on things.  Mom sometimes finds this annoying.  She says I'm too "barky."  I'm just trying to alert  her to pending danger, but she doesn't understand.

A squirrel!  A neighbor!  A dog!  A car!
I'll keep you safe.

Sometimes The Child likes to use this room to play.  That's ok with me, I'm a deep sleeper.

See?  Stuffed animals and balls don't even wake me.
There's room for us ALL in this chair.

Unfortunately there's someone else who likes this chair as much as I do. 

The old white cat.  
You might recall that he tried to hog my other blue chair, too.

But guess what I've figured out?  I'm bigger than that cat....

Maybe we can both fit in the chair.

That's not so comfy.
I need to readjust.

Mission accomplished.  
Bye, kitty.

I love my bigger blue chair.  Mom had better not redecorate.  Where will I go?


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