Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dog Show weekend - SCKC

This weekend was my local Kennel Club's yearly show.  As a club member, I'm not allowed to show in conformation, and I'm required to volunteer at least one day.  Meanwhile, the Cardi folks were trying to build a major, so I decided to enter Rip and have someone else show him.  It's a really busy, noisy show so if nothing else I thought it would be a good experience for him.

Here's a summary of the weekend:

I got to be Table Steward for 
8.5 hours of Obedience on Saturday and
4 hours of Rally on Sunday

Now for Rip's view:

The Summit/Foggybottom crew were a well-oiled grooming machine.
Grooming isn't my favorite, but my tail is still wagging.

Here I am meeting some of the many Cardis around. 
Hi, Summit/Foggybottom gang!

Here's me and Alec in the ring.  
Don't we look happy?

More chicken, please.  I know you've got it.

Hi, nice judge lady.  Pay attention, I'm flirting with you!
She didn't give me a ribbon in this class, despite my flirting.
Next time I'll jump up and lick her.

Here's the stuff I won for mom.
Both days I took first in my class.
Yesterday I was Best Cardigan Puppy.
And 4th place in the puppy group!


  1. Good boy, Rip. Tell your mom that you're learning.

  2. WOW! Great job, Rip -- and mother-volunteer-person. Rip had a very good handler to guide him along the way.

  3. good job Rip!!! He's so freaking cute!

  4. Rip--we had a blast with you at the show! Welcome to come along anytime. Charlie and Pete are wondering if next time they can have you out for a full out slime fest!


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