Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Of course it is......

Quiz question for today.  What is this??

A UFO in the dark night's sky?

A paint splotch on a dark background?

The light at the end of the tunnel?


It's my "show" dog's left ear.

And guess what we were supposed to be going this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?  
Yep.  To a 3 day dog show in Wisconsin.

Needless to say, we won't be going.  I was luke-warm about making the 3.5 hour trek North anyway.  Life has been crazy, etc.  But this sealed the deal.

We also have a 2 day show next weekend.  It's local, though, so I'll probably take him anyway.  That also allows nearly 2 weeks for some hair to grow back.

You may be wondering what happened.  Well, remember a week or so ago when I posted about an unsettled pack?  Remember that Maggie bit his ear?  I said something cavalier like "it's nothing but a flesh wound."  

Well, it was nothing but a flesh wound - on the inside of his ear.  But that little flesh wound started to get a bit infected.  So 2-3 times a day I was using a warm washcloth as a poultice, followed by a gentle cleaning, then some neosporin.  It cleared up in a few days, and the wound is now all healed.  

Then last night I was rubbing Rip's ears as we sat on the sofa, and I started to get some hair.  I figured he was finally starting to shed.  Then I got some more hair.  After a few minutes a 50-cent sized piece of hair was missing.  On the outside of the ear - just opposite where the scrape was on the inside.  Yikes!

I'm telling myself that I can already see re-growth, and the hair will be back faster than you can say Chia Pet.

Wish me luck.


  1. Rip and Rugby would make a great pair right now--poor Rugby is missing a big patch of hair on his back so he now looks like a really old dog with mange!

  2. File this under "Things that suck."


  3. Yep, happens. Especially on ears. Or at least it shows worse on ears. Molly is sporting a little naked spot under her chin. Scab fell of and the sore has healed, but still hairless.

  4. Yikes! I am sure it will grow back but it may take awhile. Good luck.

  5. Yeah, Ruf had an encounter with some critter in our yard back in the fall - Critter 1, Rufus 0. He had a nice abrasion right on his nose. It has finally healed up nicely, but it took a while.

    Look on the bright side, at least you have an unplanned weekend - you can relax! (Or not)

  6. Grace went to the National without her eyebrow-she shaved it off in a colision with the steps. It will grow back.

  7. War wound, no big deal. You could even show with the missing hair.

  8. Think they'd notice if you filled it in with a Sharpie?

  9. No Sharpie, but actually you could show him anyway. Accidents happen.


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