Monday, May 16, 2011

That was one expensive show and go!

I just learned that my recent obedience show and go cost me $75 more than I thought it would.

Has inflation caught up with the Iowa dog obedience community?

Just what kind of extortion is going on here?

This kind:

Look quickly - there we go!

Yes, I got caught by a dreaded speed camera on the way to a show and go a couple of weeks ago.  They even caught it on video which, I must admit, is kind of fun to watch.

This is my first ever speeding ticket.  Apparently, I was going 62 in a 45 speed zone.  Yikes!  Thankfully, it's a camera, so no mar on my record - just some $$ to the city of Muscatine.  Maybe they'll use it to put up a bigger sign to alert unsuspecting drivers like me that the speed limit went down.

Ziggy, Rip, and I were in the van together.  They didn't get a shot of the driver, so Ziggy and I are blaming it on Rip.  After all, isn't he the most likely one of the 3 of us to be zooming around?!


  1. Doh! Yes, I definitely think it was Rip. Rip likes to zip along!

  2. I got two of those, two days apart right before Christmas. It's just a huge scam -- and here they must be appealed to District Court which has a $132 filing fee -- so even if you don't have to pay the $75, you pay the non-refundable filing fee. Rip -- do not do that again!

  3. OOHH so sorry. Rip, your being framed!

  4. That is really a sorry way to spend $75. You could have bought treats for Rip.

  5. Penni, it would only be a scam if they were fining people who weren't breaking the law by speeding...It's no different than getting pulled over by a cop.


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