Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's nothing but a flesh wound

The pack has been a little unstable today.

Before work this morning, I broke up a fight between Maggie and Rip.  I was in the living room working with Ziggy - having him work for his breakfast.  Maggie and Rip were on the other side of the baby gates watching,  and all of this activity set Rip off in some way.  I pulled Maggie & Rip apart by grabbing Rip's tail and pulling him away from Maggie.  Maggie kept away.  I put them both in a down stay until they cooled off.

Then, just a few minutes ago, I broke up another fight.  This one started because Rip took exception to Maggie getting too near to the elk antler I bought at the Specialty.  I grabbed Rip's tail again, but this time Maggie kept going.  Thankfully The Husband was here to pull Maggie away.  Maggie got the best of this one, as Rip now has a bloody scrape in his ear.  It's only just a flesh wound with some missing hair, so his conformation career is still in tact.  Again, we did the down stay until they both cooled off.

I guess I get to be even more militant in maintaining everyone separated when food or treats are around.  Anybody have any other thoughts?

Oh, and by the way, today Ziggy is my favorite dog (by a mile).  He just stays out of the way and minds his own business.  Bless you, Ziggy.


  1. What I do is take away anything that would trigger a scrap. CC is a sharp pup and got possessive over rawhides and marrow bones - any long lasting chew. She learned (FAST) that any snarking or fighting over something gets NOTHING and in a time out. I live in a small apartment so everyone getting along is a must. Priscilla (Ziggys half sister) is Queen B and CC quickly was put in her place. Iggy Pop is a SAINT and has utmost patience. I only give them long lasting chews and bones when everyone is crated now.

  2. Rufus is definitely food motivated...Nick, not so much. We've had a few instances of Rufus going after Nick for a bone or chewy. I keep them apart when food or chewies are around. Nick is so passive, he'll give anything up to Rufus...I think Rufus is starting to get it that if he just shows up and acts like he wants whatever Nick has, Nick will gladly give it up and go off and find something else. I'm glad he's so laid back, otherwise it would be a bad scene around here!

    Oh, and I never work with Nick (and treats) when Rufus is around. He gets excused to either the laundry room or outside. Otherwise, we'd end up with a situation identical to what happened this morning...

  3. Mine don't scrap over bones, but if there is food around tensions can build. Brady is the instigator because the other 2 don't trust him not to be a sh*t, so they go on the defensive immediately. I don't have crates in my house (they are all in the laundry room when we leave) so Brady is separated when feeding. Lizzie and Nash can share food without squabble.

    When I'm working with a dog and treats, the others are out of sight and put away. If we're just having "fun" treats where everyone gets one, then we practice sitting nicely in a group while they get passed out, but that's short-lived and hence doesn't seem to spark any debate.

    I'm not sure about the antler. Generally speaking if anyone is being protective of something, I take it away and put them in a time out. I do know there are some dogs that just can't have high value items with others around, so they are crated or separated when there are extra chewies around.

  4. It must be the week for ear notching. Just got an email from WI about one of my pups that had a lesson in leaving someone alone, though not a food issue. This time it was the 20 lb cwc rescue who told the 35lb teenager to quit trying to roll me over!
    The weather, young boys and their um, boy parts and just another readjusting of the pack order. This too shall pass. That and a little neosporin or EMT gel and no one will remember what happened by next week.

  5. With any kind of training going on, I must have my boys separated. Jimmy goes over the top whacky about treats when his precious agility equipment is involved. Wilson could be sitting in a far off corner of the yard, but Jimmy would go out of his way to start something. As a result Wilson is kept safely in the house, and I even let Jimmy wind down before letting him back in the house. When I want to train Wilson, Jimmy gets locked in the car where he can't see, hear or smell what's going on. He still screams his head off in protest.

  6. Oh yes echoing what others said when I train my dogs are separate in a crate as well or in a car.

    I run my dogs in the same class at the same agility trial (masochist)so when I quick shove one into their crate and grab the other everyone needs to be ok with it. LOL


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