Saturday, April 9, 2011

BN Obedience: Ziggy's Q #2

Ziggy and I were back at the Obedience Trial today, and things were better than yesterday.  The heeling wasn't as good as I know he can do, but it wasn't quite as slow as yesterday.  I really need to work on "fast" with the Z.

We ended up with a 194, which I consider a respectable score.  All of our points were lost in heeling - excepting 1/2 point lost on the recall.  He came in really close and bumped me with his nose.  I don't mind that, though -- he was pretty quick and sat nice and straight!

I brought Rip with me today.  There was lots of extra crating space in the building, and it's great experience for the wild man.  I think my time with Rip also served to make Ziggy a little jealous -- he was anxious to get out of the crate and work with me.  Maybe I'm on to something here...


  1. Yeah! Definately a respectable score. WOOHOO Ziggy.

  2. 194 is a very nice score, congratulations.

  3. Ah jealousy! The great motivator.


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