Tuesday, April 19, 2011

8th Wedding Anniversary

Today I have been married to The Husband for 8 years.  A couple of days ago, we were wondering what the "official gift" for anniversary #8 was.

Then I remembered.  It's The Portable Dog Dryer Anniversary!

I fell in love with Chris Christensen's Kool Pup Dryer at the National Specialty.  It's so small!  It's so quiet! And I want one.

I was wondering how I could justify buying one -- since I just bought a really good, but MUCH larger dryer a month ago -- when the Anniversary came along.  How convenient that is!  A little, lime green dryer would be perfect to celebrate the Portable Dog Dryer Anniversary.

Now I just have to convince The Husband that it's not something I just made up in order to get a another dog dryer.  Do you think he'll believe me?


  1. I think that might be a pretty hard sell :-)

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Only if there is a really good alternate for him!

  3. I think you could give it to *him*. How could he argue with that?

    Happy Anniversary!!! And many, many more!

  4. Happy anniversary, guys.

    Yes. Great dryer. Want. Not sure how to justify it right now though.

  5. Hmmm, my Hallbark calendar lists "Grooming Appliances" after 8th in the anniversary gift guide. (No, I made that up.) How funny that when the wife actually wants an appliance as an anniversary gift, it's a problem (I got a toaster once). Maybe you should ask for expensive jewelry and then this will look like a bargain.


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