Saturday, April 2, 2011

We survived our first conformation show!

Rip and I showed in conformation today for the very first time.

The morning went something like this:
4:45 am - curse at alarm
5:00 am - leash up 3 dogs and take them for a walk
5:30 am - shower, do hair & makeup, drink a TheraFlu sinus (I've had a cold for more than a week)
6:10 am - on the road - first stop:  Starbucks
7:30 am - finished grooming dog
8:00 am - loitering outside the ring I'll show in
8:30 am - in the ring - our class was first in

So how did we do?  Well, we didn't embarrass ourselves.  Rip was a nice boy in the ring, and only tried to accost the judge once.  Apparently the judge looked very lick-able.  And Rip was really a good boy overall - he seemed to take everything in stride.  The show grounds were really noisy, and a few times he got the "what was that!?!" look when there was a new noise.  But he settled right back down and was quickly wagging his tail again.  This bodes well for his future performance career.

I also got to meet lots of Cardi people - which is always fun!

Here are a couple pics from the day.  Sorry about the quality - I brought our old camera and the building was quite dark...  But thanks to Cathy for taking the photos!

Look, mom - I can stand nicely

Oh, here comes the judge.  
Can I try to lick him again?  I missed him when I was on the table...


  1. surviving and letting him have a good time is the entire point right now. Good job to kiddo and you!

  2. Good for both of you. If he's happy, then you're happy. See you in about a week.

  3. Some judges like to be kissed.

    Proud of you guys. See you soon!

  4. Judges are definitely kissable! Good job, Rip!


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