Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rip Showing at the National Specialty

I finally got ahold of the camera, and downloaded the pics we took at the Specialty.  Here are some of the good ones.

Looking cute (and a bit wild!) on the table for the judge.

A happy little mover. 
(No cantering sideways on this go-around)

Stacking pretty for the judge

I won a ribbon.  Now I can look for trouble.  
Please, just let me off this leash...

And here are the fun things Rip won for his mommy 
(who loves National Specialty swag):

I love rosettes.  And I didn't have a lime green one yet!
Now we wait for the show photo to arrive so we can add it to the pretty frame.

And a fun leash holder.  Plus a pretty red ribbon.


  1. . . . and he looked soooo good! Congratulations.

  2. Very nice swag! And he looks so handsome! You're going to have fun with him!

  3. He looks wonderful! What an adorable boy. Congratulations on the swag!

  4. Wow - he's grown up so nicely!!! :) Congrats on the lovely wins! :)


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