Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Denzil gets the paper

One day Denzil needed to learn something new.  He wasn't competing any more, so I had no "official" things to train.

I was thinking of what sort of trick I could train, then it struck me:  I had a problem that Denzil could solve.

The problem: every morning our paper was dropped at the end of our drive.  I didn't particularly like having to trudge outside in PJ's just so I could read the paper with my breakfast.

So I trained Denzil to do it for me.  It was Denzil's favorite thing to do every day.

Here's a video we took the winter before last.  You'll notice that in true Cardi style he adds some "flair" to his performance for the camera.  Normally he would make a beeline out to the paper and run right back.  But this was more fun.


  1. Good boy, Denzil! He seems enormously proud of himself!

  2. I couldn't watch this until today 'cause my office blocks YouTube (the nerve of them!) This is so absolutely adorable and handy, too!

    Also, I saw your comment about the deer, and Rip being a handful....Jimmy is actually a pretty good boy now, but the first year was tough! I used to say that if he had gone to a new-to-Cardis person or possibly even just a companion home who wanted a sit around the house dog, he might well have been returned to his breeder. But all that spunk/energy/drive gave me a great agility dog!


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