Monday, April 25, 2011

Zappos, you need to change your dog

I love Zappos.  I have bigger feet than the average girl, and I live in a small metro area, so nearly all of my shoes come from Zappos.  A great selection, not having to slog to the store only to be disappointed when the salesperson looks puzzled when I ask for my size, and free shipping both ways means that I am a Zappos loyalist.

If you love Zappos, too, you'll recognize their "thanks for ordering" Pug.  
This smiling smashed-face dog appears with each confirmed order.

Yes, the Pug is cute, but  I have a proposal for you, Zappos.  

Rip should be your new dog.  


Because thanks to this smiling face, I have had to replace at least 5 pairs of shoes in the past six months.

Yes, Zappos, if you've noticed a sharp uptick in my buying activity over the past few months, you can thank Rip.

At first, he destroyed a couple of pairs of shoes that were on their last legs.  I used this as an excuse to replace them.  "No loss," I thought.  Then he destroyed my favorite pair of travel shoes.  Then my favorite pair of rain/snow shoes, then a good pair of work shoes.

Just think how shoe sales would increase if everyone had a Rip of their own.  Doesn't that deserve a feature on the Zappos website......?


  1. I have extra wide feet -- today another Zappo's box was at my Post Office. I love that company -- better try the shoes on before I say that. I think Rip would be a good choice as their mascot -- way cuter than the Pug and with more shoe leather under his belt.

  2. I can't imagine losing 5 pairs of shoes to my dogs! Maybe I have extra stinky feet, 'cause neither one of my guys (even as a pup) have ever given my shoes a second look.

    Now my first Cardi back in the mid-80's....that's a whole different story! No shoes but a very long list of destroyed stuff!

  3. Nick has a serious shoe fetish. I took a picture of him on Sunday napping on our fireplace hearth with three different shoes he was spooning with.

    I think Rip would be a most excellent ambassador for Zappos! Not to mention he is way, way cuter than a pug.

  4. I guess I'll have to check Zappo's out--I haven't been there and I have big AND wide feet (great combination).
    I probably shouldn't admit to never losing a pair of shoes to a dog--no doubt tomorrow I'll find Zoey chewing on my clogs for the first time in her life.
    I would definitely vote for Rip to be the Zappo's spokesdog!

  5. At our house, it's the pug that eats the insoles and the cardi's leave shoes alone (though Emma can occasionally be tempted by the plastic tips on the laces.) I say co-stars!


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