Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rip's National Specialty Results

I'm happy (and a bit surprised) to report that it's been a good National Specialty for Rip. 
Yesterday in 9-12 month Puppy Sweepstakes, Rip took third place in his class.  His "Gramma" Carolyn showed him for me (thank-you Carolyn!).  He was a very good boy entering the ring, and on the table (whew).  Near the end of the class Rip's "I'm a wild puppy" personality came back, and by the last go-around he was trying to get his fellow competitors to play by running wildly sideways.  Not exacty "big-time show dog" behavior, but the boy was having fun!

The lime green rosette that Rip won ensured that he could come back to Iowa with me.  I did warn Rip that if mommy didn't get a ribbon, he would have to go back to Oregon ;)

Today Rip was a good boy for Gramma Carolyn again.  He took 2nd in 9-12 month dogs.  I am so proud of him!  He was better at standing in the ring today - not as much sitting down as yesterday.

We did have some excitement in his class, however, when someone outside the ring bumped into and nearly knocked over one of the decorations - a cowboy boot that's about 10 feet tall.  This sent the whole class of puppy boys barking.  It made me smile...

Oh, and lest you think that Mr. Naughtypants is turning into some sort of well-behaved show dog, Gramma Carolyn infomed me that Rip managed to tear down one of the table skirts while waiting outside the ring.  That's my boy!

I'm sorry about not having any pictures to post.  Today after classes were over, The Husband left with dogs to head back to Iowa.  Unfortunately he also took the camera with him, so I won't be able to post any photos until I get back home.

I've also learned a lot at this year's Specialty - about grooming, handling, etc.  This is a very good place for a rookie handler to be.  I promise to share more later.


  1. Way to go, Rip!

    (Your recount of Rip's antics made me giggle a lot.)

  2. Nice job, Rip! I didn't even know that was you when I read the results. You did goood! Hope you enjoy the heat. It is cold at home. Our Beaver has that Grandma Carolyn, too.

  3. Yay Rip!!! I saw the name on the results and kept going over and over the name and it Rip? Is it not Rip? Yaaaay!

    Rip wouldn't be Rip without a few antics, would he?


  4. AWESOME! I'm so excited for you!!! :)

  5. Congrats on Rip doing so well. Ribbons from the Nat'l are the BEST!


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