Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our first (almost) point...

See what pretty ribbons I won?
Can I eat them now?

Rip was a good boy again today.  He was little calmer in the ring, and took best 9-12 month dog, and reserve winner's dog.  Thankfully one of my friends was there to tell me when to go back into the ring.  I think I should re-read the "Show Me" book again so I'm not quite so addled next time.

Here are some pictures from the day.  We were in a better building, and The Husband and The Child came to take photos with the good camera.

Here I am being a nice boy on the table.

Oh!  Who's this nice lady coming my way?

She's here, and she talked to me!
Let me lick her.  Let. Me. Lick. Her.
After this the judge asked my mom to reposition me.
That was a pain, but it was worth it - I made the judge smile!

Mom.  Give me the cheese.  
Don't make me jump for it, because I'll leap right now.

This was my favorite part of the day.
I got to lick THREE kids today!


  1. Yay Rip! Good job!

    I had to laugh at his judge encounter. Probably a good thing I can't show Nick, because he would be all up in the judge's face no matter what. Little lovebugs!

  2. Well, first almost point....the pretty purple ribbon takes the point, the purple and white ribbon is fondly called "best of loosers". Basically if the winners were DQ'd (and it happens) for some reason such as a wrong entry, they would reward the point to Rip.

    Regardless I am very proud :) He looks like a nice combination of his parents and very pleased with the attitude!

  3. Thanks for the note, Mandy. I've changed the blog post title accordingly :)

  4. Haha! Love the part about getting to lick the kids! We took the pups to play with a little girl who just loves dogs...and Reese was grumping and moaning cuz I wouldn't let her just trample this kid with kisses. They are so fun.

  5. Good job, Lani. It sounds like you and Rip are ready for the big adventure in Houston. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

  6. I told gramma Alice and sister Kady and they are very proud.

  7. Way to go on almost getting a point! Rip is so adorable.
    If I ever (one day far away because I'd have to get a third cardi) decide to try getting in the ring, I'll be reading back through your blog for pointers. :)

  8. Did you have fun? I sure hope so. Rip is a lovely boy, and you guys will do great.

  9. A little late but big brother Captain says good job and don't worry the points will come soon enough. Plus good job in hHouston at the puppy sweeps.


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