Friday, April 8, 2011

Beginner Novice Obedience: Ziggy's Q #1

In terms of my dog show life, today was 180 degrees from last weekend.  Last weekend = wild, bouncy dog and new type of showing for me (conformation).  Today = lazy, calm dog and type of showing I've been doing for 8 years (obedience).

Today was my first time showing in Beginner Novice Obedience, though.  If you haven't heard of it, it's a new optional titling class as of July 2010.  For me, the class seems somewhere between Novice Rally and Novice Obedience.  Some differences between Beginners Novice and (regular) Novice obedience:

  • All the heeling is on-leash
  • Rally signs are used for instead of judge's commands for the heeling pattern 
  • It's a sit for exam (with just a pat on the head) 
  • No group stays - just a sit stay while the handler circles the ring
  • A shorter recall with no finish
  • You can give one bit of "praise" during each exercise

To prepare for the class, I watched some videos on YouTube, looked at a blank score sheet, read the class regulations online, and did a couple of modified-Novice class run-throughs at show-n-go's.  At our last show-n-go (aka a practice obedience trial), Ziggy was awesome  - happy, heads-up heeling, very attentive.

Today - not so much.

I posted to my blog about our performance at this obedience trial last year.  At the show last year, Ziggy was happy, but really not so great.  Unfortunately that same Ziggy (who my obedience instructor now calls "Slug Ziggy") showed up again today.

He was really relaxed at the trial site, and didn't seem at all nervous - which is a good thing.  Apparently our outings about town are paying off and he's feeling more confident in new places.  But he also seemed to have just one speed:  a cute, slow, tails-up trot.

Given his mood today Ziggy was really good at:  the slow heeling, the sit stay, the sit for exam, and the left-hand turn on the figure 8 heeling.  Correspondingly he was really bad at:  the fast heeling, the about turn,  and the right turn on the figure 8.  And when I say really bad, I mean tight-leash-with-lots-of-pressure-on-it bad.  I really don't think he sped up at all.

BUT...  we still managed to qualify with a 188 (putting us in last place).

Oh, Ziggy.  I love you, man.  But, since I love performance events,  I'm really glad I have Rip.

I love you, too mom.
But what part of "sofa dog" don't you understand?


  1. Oh I feel for you. I do know that dog. That dog is Magic too. Are you doing it again this weekend at all?

  2. Yep - showing him tomorrow and Sunday, too. We'll see how it goes!

  3. Poor Ziggy, he's just a potato chip kinda dog. And you want him to be a pretzel.

  4. As crazy as Iggy Pop is he is not a fan of obedience...neither is Priscilla. Iggy Pop has his BN title but works for Iggy Pop. Priscilla is going towards her CD (part of the requirements for her VCD1) and works for me no matter how much she doesnt care for it. I'd rather have the Priscilla than the Iggy Pop but when Iggy Pop WANTS to be good he is amazing.

  5. Why Huxley does not do obedience.

  6. Beginner Novice sounds like a great option for people just being introduced to obedience (me!) and dogs that need more building up in terms of excitement/confidence.

    It's wonderful you can appreciate Ziggy for who he is - even if he is "Slug Ziggy!" :)


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