Thursday, April 7, 2011

White cat + black clothes = sigh

As you may recall from his previous appearances on this blog, we have an old white cat named Duncan.  He is 17 years old now, and his time is mainly spent sweetly sleeping.

When not sleeping, one of his favorite activities seems to be seeking out my black clothes and coating them in his lovely white fur.

I wear quite a lot of black for work (not all at the same time), so I've become militant about hanging up or putting away my black items of clothing when I get home from work.

Spring has recently inspired me to add some items to my work wardrobe, and I decided that I needed a lightweight black blazer.  I ordered two of them, and yesterday I finally got around to trying on the blazers.  There wasn't a clear winner (I'm only keeping one) - so I set them out on the bed in the guest room to until I could get The Husband's opinion on which looked best.

The cat likes to sleep in the spare room, so I decided to close the door just in case he wandered in, spotted the blazers, and decided they were the best place in the house to sleep.  I looked around the room before I closed the door - just in case Duncan was already there.

Then I forgot about getting The Husband's opinion on the blazers (after all American Idol was on!).

This morning The Husband opened the guest room door to find one very upset white kitty.  Yes, I'd accidently shut him in the room.  The poor old cat had been in there since around dinner time the night before.  Needless to say he was hungry, thirsty, and had peed on the carpet (can't blame him).

AND he had thoroughly cat-haired one of the black blazers.

I guess Duncan got to choose this blazer for me.  Fair enough.


  1. Cat hair, corgi hair. We understand. We are there for you. I wear black most every day, being as that's the color of the uniform shirts these days (though at least I got to buy my own and spend more than $4.99 at

  2. Oh dear. I wear a lot of black (mostly to hide the fat/flab) and carry industrial-sized lint rollers everywhere I go. Some people stash forbidden snacks or bottles of booze - I stash lint rollers. This is what my life has become. ;-)

  3. As beautiful as Duncan is, I'm sure he has impeccable taste and chose the perfect blazer for you.

  4. Poor kitty getting locked in the spare room. Is he not a meower when he wants/needs something?

    We should all probably own stock in the lint-roller companies......

  5. Taryn - Ironically he is a VERY LOUD meow-er. I think that he was asleep most of the night (he sleeps about 23 hours a day), and woke up to get his morning kitty treats...


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