Friday, April 29, 2011

Denzil Goes to Show-and-Tell

I talked with my mom this week, and she happened to mention that Denzil had a little bit of fun.  It was my niece's turn to do Show-and-Tell at her school.  I've mentioned before how much my niece loves Denzil.  She loves Denzil so much that my niece asked my mom if Denz could come to her class so she could show him off.

Kids are lovely.  See, they rub bellies.
(Denzil used to hang out in our yard with The Child)

Denzil loves kids, but a whole class-roomful is a LOT of kids, so I asked my mom how he did.  Apparently, Denzil LOVED IT!

My niece told the class about Denzil.  My mom told the class about Cardigans and how to choose the right dog (research! plan!).   Denzil made sure that he did a thorough meet-and-greet, and that he demonstrated all of his tricks for the kids.

People pay attention to me when I do this.
They can't resist my cuteness.
(Denzil is freakishly good at sitting pretty)

Denzil knows lots of tricks, and my mom made me guess which one the kids liked best.  I guessed "sit pretty," as it's just so adorable.

I was wrong.  Their favorite was "get the paper."  Yes, my mom brought in a paper, set it across the room, and had Denzil go get it for her and bring it back.  How cute is that?!?

P.S. - Denzil was such a hit that now my nephew wants to bring him for Show-and-Tell, too :)


  1. That is so wonderful. I love when dogs respond so well to the kids and vice verse. Good job Denzil!

  2. It sounds like Denzil is beginning a new career. His sister is very proud of him. She agrees that sitting pretty is worth a lot of treats!

    Early happy 9th birthday, Denzil.

    Love, Inca

  3. I was wondering who Denzil was - now I know. :)
    He's a very smart boy.

    I'd say just about anything to get my kid's school to do a pet show-and-tell. No such luck here. :(

  4. Yes, Denzil was a former member of The Trio of Trouble who went to "retire" with my parents out West. The warmer climate is easier on the dear boy. Oh, and he loves undivided attention, too :)

  5. That is too cute! Nick would be excellent to take to a classroom, however I think that would probably go over like a lead balloon. He has turned into a local celebrity at the local ballfields though!

    Denzil, you da man! I bet he had a great time!


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