Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rip's Lucky Morning

This morning did not start out to be a promising morning for Rip.  He was FULL of energy, as he didn't get out for a walk yesterday.  Though he did get yard time, Rip needs a long walk every day if he is to remain in any way calm in the house.

This morning he was up on the couch with The Child and I, then off the couch harassing the cat, then asking to go out, then asking to come in.  Repeat this loop several times in the course of an hour and you'll have an idea of what the house was like.

Here we're snuggling on the sofa.  This is just after chasing the cat up the cat tree.

On the sofa snuggled between his brother and sister.
So sweet and innocent.

Now just leaning on Maggie.  
But note the gleam in his eye....

Then Rip wanted to go outside (for the third time).  Since he was driving me and the calm, brindle corgis crazy, I let him out.

Minutes passed.  More than ten minutes.  No Rip scratching on the door to be let in.  After a while, I began to wonder if everything was ok.

I looked outside, and here's what I saw:

Our neighbors' cattle dog frapping with Rip in the back yard!

The neighbors got this dog from the shelter as a puppy, and he was just too wild for their house.  They sent him to live on a farm (literally).  This didn't work out so he's back now.  Apparently he jumped over the 4' fence when he saw Rip outside.  Time to play, I guess!

 I can outrun this spotted dog, mom!

 Oh, maybe not.

 He got me!  Roll out of the way.

Run away!  
(note ears all the way back to cut wind resistance - just like a greyhound!)

Don't stop now!  Let's keep playing!!

For me, the frapping was great.  Rip has been sound asleep since he got in an 1.5 hours ago.  The neighbors, however, are a little worried.  Nobody wants a dog who can jump their fence that easily!


  1. Rip needs someone as full of energy as he is. A fun time was had by all!

  2. I want a crazy dog next door - for short, scheduled time periods. George could use the exercise!


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