Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ziggy's Spa Vacation

Since Ziggy is still not walking or urinating on his own, we couldn't leave him at home with the house/pet sitter while we went to Washington.  Instead, Ziggy is getting a spa vacation at the Iowa State University Veterinary School Rehabilitation center.

The vet who did Z's surgery suggested that Z might really benefit from some aqua therapy, and made the referral to ISU.

I dropped Ziggy off yesterday, had a tour of the rehab facility, and learned more about what they'll do.  The facility looks quite new and is very nice.  They have an underwater treadmill and a large pool along with the standard rehab equipment like balance balls/eggs, and treadmills.  Ziggy gets to try out the underwater treadmill tomorrow, and will likely get some time in the pool this week as well (safely wearing a doggy life vest, of course).  He'll also continue the exercises we've been doing at home, and they'll likely add some others.  I've also requested that he have 2-3 acupuncture treatments during the week he'll be there.

I'm anxious to see if Z shows any improvement over the week.  I won't have to wait long for an update, though, as they call every evening to share an update on how things are going.

When I pick Ziggy up next week, the rehab therapist promised to share with me all the exercises she has done and recommends I do with Z.  Hopefully I'll learn some new things that will help the boy recuperate.

The only down side?  Ziggy was NOT a happy camper to be left again.  When I was leaving he scooted his way over to bars of the pen and started pawing at the bars - barking, yelping and whining.  Sorry Ziggy - it's for your own good.


  1. It is hard to leave them -- especially when they aren't 100%. However, you are right. Being at the rehab center will do him a world of good (and make him appreciate home sweet home).

  2. :( I hate leaving any of my guys - especially when they are visibly upset. I hope he has a great time at rehab and surprises you with his improvements!

  3. Aqua therapy really helped Cenny. Crossing my fingers that it helps Ziggy too.

  4. George made his greatest improvements after hydrotherapy and cold laser therapy. As hard as it was to leave him, you did the right thing! It is a difficult decision, but it is for the best in the long run! And, once he starts his "spa vacation", he will be too tired and too busy to even realize you left him behind!


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