Monday, January 2, 2012

Wagmore Farm: The House Part 3 - The Decision

In my 2 previous house posts, I mentioned that The Husband and I have been trying to figure out what to do with the house on our property.  After weighing the pros and cons, and struggling to figure out the finances, we have finally decided to tear down the existing house and build a new one.

The plan we decided on is the same plan as a house we looked at an loved, but didn't buy it because it was just a little too far off the freeway - meaning a longer commute.

Here's a picture of that house.

Ours won't be exactly the same - the biggest difference being that we'll only have a front porch instead of a wrap around.  While we liked the wrap-around, it means less light into the ground floor and in SW Washington we'll take all the light we can get!

Here's the base plan.  Ours will be slightly different - the main difference being that we're adding a 5' x 13' mud room in front of the entrance from the garage into the house.  We both decided that one can't function w/out a mud room on 15 acres in rainy Washington.  And, we're having the room plumbed for a dog bath so if when The Trio roll in stink outside we can wash it off easily.

Some things that we really like about the plan are the master on the main floor (no stairs for the dogs and good for aging in place) and the nice flow from living to dining to kitchen on the ground floor.  We were a little concerned that it's way more house than 3 humans need, but since we won't have a basement anymore one of the bedrooms will be converted into an office (The Husband works from home) and another one will cease to be a bedroom (we're taking out the closet) and will serve as a home gym.

We haven't signed the paperwork on the house yet, so it's not all final.  Our plan for later this week is to have one final meeting with the builder to finalize finishes and modifications.

We're very excited to get started on the house, but first we have to get rid of the old one.  I'll do another post today with our plans for that.


  1. Mud room is more than just a nicety anywhere in the PNW. Well ok, anywhere you have mud.

    I think that having the laundry upstairs by the bedrooms is a good idea - though your master is on the ground floor (which would be a must for me too) and that means carrying laundry upstairs. Can't win either way, I guess.

    Uh, spoken by one who has done without a laundry room at all for going-on 22 years.

  2. Oooh. For the dog/mud room, check this stuff out for flooring. I believe it is what my vet has in her offices (brand new). It can be taken slightly up the walls to create 'baseboard' without a sharp angle between the floor and wall. SO much easier for cleaning.


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