Friday, July 3, 2009

Beginners again

So this week was Ziggy's next-to-last class for beginning agility.  His performance this week was much improved.   I think this is due to him gaining confidence in what's expected, me having the furry squeaker stashed in my pocket for spontaneous reward/play, and - oh - perhaps a little bit about the leftover steak that I cut up as treats.

The instructor is planning what classes to run next session, and was providing us with guidance on who got to "graduate."  While our instructor was impressed with Ziggy's progress over the last 8 weeks, it isn't enough to earn our way into the next level up.  So beginners here we come, again! 

This really is the right move for Z, as he needs to continue to build confidence, and I certainly don't want to ruin what I've got.  Also, I have limited time to practice (job, family, remodel, yardwork...), so our progress is bound to be a bit slow.

Here's where Ziggy is so far:
  • Loves the table (who wouldn't love jumping up 8", laying down & getting a treat!)\
  • Loves the not-yet-full-height teeter
  • Likes the tunnels, but we need more speed
  • Likes the low-height dog walk, and starting to canter across it
  • Not so fond of the A-Frame (not a very corgi-friendly obstacle), but running over a 5' version pretty well
  • Looking straight ahead - but moving slowly - through 12 bent weave poles
  • Becoming a more confident jumper
  • Learning his flatwork well
I'm anxious to see what improves in the next session......

 ....and Ziggy's looking forward to more fun & treats!

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  1. Who could resist that cardi smile? I have treats for him -- good job by you too,Lani!


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