Monday, July 13, 2009

Nature in tooth and claw

This is the phrase my dear husband uses when viewing things like lions eating a zebra.  Yesterday I felt like I was cleaning up after the Wild Kingdom.  (Don't worry - no picture included today.  Trust me, this is best.)

Yesterday was the first nice weekend day we've had in a while.  I spent most of the day working in the yard, as it's rained a lot lately and the grass was going to seed.  As most of you dog owners know, mowing a yard with dogs is not as straightforward as just pulling out the mower.  First, comes "poo-trol."  Next, in our yard w/ 3 mature trees, it's stick-trol.  

Yesterday I got to add "dead-critter-trol" on to the end of my  pre-mowing tasks.  I found a dead, 1/2 eaten mouse (or chipmunk, or vole - due to the part eaten I couldn't really tell.)  I also caught one of my corgis eating an adult robin.  And we live in the city limits.  Our lot is 1/3 of an acre, but still - in the city limits.  They're really on a roll.  

I know this is the work of Maggie and her vermin-killing apprentice, Ziggy.  Denzil does not have the killer instinct.  I've actually seen a rabbit bump into Denzil and he didn't know what to do.    

So my question -- are any of your dogs sidelining as exterminators? Or are my dogs just blood-thirsty freaks?


  1. I think Spencer is more vulture than exterminator. One night he came in - it was dark but I caught a glimpse of something in his mouth as he trotted by - I flipped on the light and it was a very very dead bird. So glad I found it then and not in the bed the next morning.

    Once a baby bird fell out of a tree and Scout killed it - probably by just playing with it. After I pitched it over the fence, she sat in the same place where it fell and spent hours looking up the tree, hopefully waiting for another.

  2. my dogs would LOVE to kill and eat stuff. but they don't have the patience for the hunt.

    they do however try and eat already dead stuff...

  3. Bandit proudly brought a dead squirrel into the house once. He is patient and waits and watches, hoping for a slip up, one misplaced squirrel paw on a wet tree branch... I have seen it happen and I have seen him spring into action. I am always rooting for the squirrel. If it were a crow on the other hand I might be rooting for the dog.


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