Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celeste Meade: Day 2

So much to learn! My brain is full. I was frantically trying to take notes between exercises, but I'm sure I missed 1/2 of it. Sigh.

Today we worked on more games to build attention, attitude & confidence. We were working on some more advanced things today, which pushed Ziggy a little. He stuck with me, though, and learned some new things - including a more solid stand stay and the beginning of the moving stand.

In the afternoon, I worked with Maggie. I took Ziggy out for the first afternoon exercise, and he laid down, frogged out, and fell asleep. I'm a girl who can take a hint (especially one THAT obvious) so I pulled Maggie out for the next exercise. She was a very good girl, despite her uncoordinated handler, and she did a nice job on an exercise meant to build attention when the handler is walking away.

After the seminar today, the 3 of us went for a hike at a nearby state park. After 2 days in crates, and 2 nights in a hotel room, I figured it was time to get back to nature. Good for the dogs, and good for me, too. The problem is the corgis took "back to nature" a bit too literally.

As I've mentioned before, Maggie loves to roll. Ziggy, as her "mini-me," has learned from the Mistress of Stink. Both of them did quite lot of rolling on walk, and ended up smelling like raccoon poop. Locked in a hotel room with these 2.... Well, life with dogs IS special. I walked to a SuperTarget and bought some pet cleaning wipes. Now they smell likely flowery, slightly less pungent raccoon poop. Jealous?

Tomorrow I have a private lesson. I'm hoping it will help me pull some of the ideas I learned over the weekend into an actionable plan that will help me, Maggie & Ziggy.

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  1. Sounds like a great seminar--I've not been to one of hers but I know about all of her obedience accomplishments!

    I almost wanted to do obedience again after stewarding for the local Pem specialty show on Friday--'almost' being the key word ;-)

    Sounds like you had a great time and learned a lot--can't wait to hear how your private lesson goes!


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