Sunday, July 26, 2009

"That's a mellow breed"

Friday I took both of the boys to the vet.  While in the waiting room, I put them both in a down, and the three of us were waiting patiently for our names to be called.  A man walked in with his shi tsu or lhasa apso (I can't really tell them apart).  The boys looked up, but didn't move.  What good boys!

The man proceeded to ask me what breed they were.  I told him.  He replied, "That's a mellow breed."  This is not how I would characterize Cardigans.  The boys were mellow b/c they'd already been for 2 walks totaling 5 miles, and they know what down means.  I shared with him that the breed isn't particularly mellow - the boys were just being very good.


  1. Our Cardis are interesting. They're always ready to go, but they're also very happy being rugs while we watch TV or read or play on the computer. I think they are adaptive and sensible -- that makes them perfect.

  2. Having had another breed or 5 . . . Cardis are mellow. Can I interest you in a Swedish Vallhund? We have a little girl available who will be visiting me this coming weekend.

  3. I can go with mostly mellow, but sassy. This is excepting Denzil who always wants to go, go, go - but he's not sassy. Of course, since Maggie's been a young dog I have been a believer that a tired dog is a good dog.

    Ohh, adding another dog is always tempting, but we've got a few things working against us right now (you can guess the order of prioritization): Maggie would NOT like another girl in the house, we'd have to move to a new home, as there's a 3 dog limit in our city, the husband wants to stick to Cardis, as otherwise we'd have to go to 2 national specialties every year....

  4. Definitely pass on the Vallhund -- they are corgis on speed.

  5. Just trying to help Lani appreciate how mellow the Cardis truly are ;-)

  6. I had a sneaking suspicion I was being set up to prove a point.... Sneaky!

    I guess mellow all depends on your baseline (dalmatian vs greyhound, for instance).


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