Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pack Photo

The human child needed a picture of his family to take to pre-school. The Husband decided that the entire family needed to be represented, and set up this photo. I'm amazed we were able to pull it off. Thank goodness for the stay command!

This post is done as a "reward" for my parents. They finally took a look at my blog. It's important to mark good behavior with a reward, right? ;)


  1. What an amazing photo (on so many levels)! Three humans, two cats and three dogs all attentive and with their eyes open! Kudos--you have a lovely family.

  2. I'm impressed.

    So, did Pete run really fast to get into the picture?

  3. He did have to run fast - carrying a cat no less! I really am surprised we made it without the black cat setting off the corgis.

  4. That child has a million dollar smile.

  5. Thank you! I think so, too (but I'm biased).


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