Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ziggy graduated!

Yesterday was our last day of our second go at beginning agility class.  We were on the borderline, but based on our performance last night, Ziggy gets to move up to the next class!

His accomplishments this time around:
* Much improved at front & rear crosses on the flat
* Driving well (using his hindquarters to push) over a slightly lowered A Frame
* Jumping skills much improved (we've been working on this at home)
* Faster through the bent weaves - and can complete all 12 reliably off leash

Where we didn't make much progress:
* We're still unsure of the chute  (I finally bought more tunnel bags so we can start to use the one I have at home)
* The dog walk - Ziggy loves the dog walk, but won't go faster than a cute little trot

The best part of it, though, is that Ziggy really enjoys his agility time.  He's still a slow dog (I expect that more speed will come with practice --> confidence), but he trots around with his tail up in the air, wagging back and forth.  And isn't that why we do this, anyway?

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